Who I am


Hi there! I’m Carly, an adventure seeking photographer from the mountains of Virginia. Growing up on a farm, I have always felt most at home when I’m surrounded by nature. Whether it be running through a field of flowers in Virginia, climbing to the top of a mountain in Utah, or dancing on the beach in California, being outdoors is what makes my heart beat the hardest. If I’m not traveling, you can probably find me hanging out with my husky and beagle (total dog mom here) or riding on the back of my husbabe’s motorcycle. I am obsessed with capturing couples because of my own love I have for my husband! We met at church and I swear it was love at first sight. We never went through a “friend zone” phase. The second we met- the deal was sealed. I wanted to marry that boy. Fast forward two years later and we were eloping in Zion National Park! He’s my greatest adventure and the most gracious person I’ve ever known. 

For me, there are two main ingredients to great photography- capturing genuine emotion and subtle moments. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to take a great photo of a family staring at a camera. For the first few years of shooting that’s basically all I did. I strived for the “perfect shot” of everyone looking at the camera smiling. When you look back, the moment you want to remember most is not the moment that you posed perfectly for a photo while saying “cheeeese”. The moment you want to remember is hugging your grandma right after your wedding ceremony as she wipes a tear from your face. The moment that your children hugged each other because their sibling is their best friend in the entire world. How you felt when your groom looked at you during the reception and you see his entire face beaming with pride. Those are the moments. The moments you want to remember, and I want to capture. If we sound like soul sisters, go to my contact page to email me and let’s become bffs.