This session embodies the pure nature of why I think photography exists. Anna came to me with one of the best requests I've ever heard. She simply wanted to get photos of herself. Just because. She's going through a transition in her life where she is about to move halfway across the country by herself at 20 years old. Instead of doing something like chopping her hair off or getting her eyebrow pierced, she decided to book a session to celebrate this awesome new change. When she looks back at these photos in 40 years, I hope she will remember how free-spirited she was and how the whole world was in front of her to conquer. 

Self love is a HUGE deal lately, especially with everything buzzing around on social media 24/7. Don't get me wrong- self love and being vain is definitely two different things. It's sad that lately, it seems as though if women have even an ounce of self love, it's portrayed as being arrogant and vain. I'm here to bring back the thought that it is OKAY to love yourself. To put on a dress and say "Yeah. I'm rocking this dress". That when someone says "Oh my gosh, you look SO beautiful!", that you don't say "Um.. not really. I look terrible today" and instead you respond with a smile and a "Thank you".  

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