There’s something so special about genuinely loving who you are. It’s something far too few of us have, partly because it's generally looked down upon. If you are confident, it's often taken as arrogance, so it's almost easier to look down on yourself. While it is important to care for and serve others and not be self centered, we must remember that we won't be able to pour into others unless we are full ourselves.
I've photographed Blanche and her family for years, but this time around she had a special request. A self love session. It's incredibly easy to lose your identity over the course of life, and she has experienced some of these things over the past few years, but she didn't let it hold her down. She has now come out on the other side and said that she literally feels like she’s on top of a mountain. She is a friend, daughter, wife, and mother, but she is also a gorgeous fulfilled woman who is truly herself. It's so encouraging to see a woman thrive. To feel truly radiant and alive once again.

Don't lose the desire to love the human God created you to be.

Carly CottonComment